Do not fall off your seats yet. This isn’t the end.

We are announcing the last Write Choice Challenge ever, ahem, for this year. Gotcha!

The holiday season is here. Even if the machinery doesn’t go into holidays in your part of the world, the Christmas cheer is inescapable! And the thrill of starting the New year? Unmatchable.

So let’s add some excitement to the mix! Let’s have another writing challenge. There will be winners. But before that, here is a selection of some fabulous blogs to make the most of the remaining days of 2021 (just nine, to be precise).

Life-altering wisdom and transformative experiences, after this quote that I found on a lovely blog:

Quote for the Week

You are enough. You have enough!

Transformative Ideas

Life Flies By‘The hostesses had unlocked the door. He had been dead for two hours.’ Author Francesc Miralles has been translated into 60 languages around the world. And there is a reason for it: His knack for knocking life into the reader’s existence. On this flight, a dead man brought him closer to life.

Arjun Defeated the Kauravas Only After…‘It is important to defeat our enemies. But there are times when your biggest enemy is inside you’. Keyur Seta is one of the top spirituality bloggers in India. He draws practical spiritual lessons from various texts. Here, he interprets Arjuna’s dilemma of fighting his brothers in the war and what followed.

5 Writing Lessons from the ‘Most Tipped’ Uber DriverPopular writer Ash Jurberg picks writing insights from the unlikeliest places. He shares some effective tips to help you take your reader on a five-star journey in this blog.

Achieving Goals: A simple question can re-ignite the fire. So listing this nudge by Shivansh Sharma to help you complete those yearly goals.

One Finger Prayers: ‘I did check with two of the other officers to verify the story. Here’s what Brooks said happenedWhen I got on the scene, the wife was hysterical because her mother had died’. John Clark says to become the magnet that attracts the Divine, good enough is not enough. Then what is? Find out. 

The Dove and the Dogs: Wisdom can strike anytime. For Narender Kumar, the moment of truth arrived when he saw two street dogs fighting over a dead dove. In that moment, he saw the beauty of one’s existence as a human. A quick read full of wisdom.

Find the Swami in You: ‘Just like Buddha told us, we need to discover the Buddha in us. I also believe that we should seek the Swami within and not the swami outside’. Hetal Sonpal pens his thoughts on discovering the God within. Very useful.  

My Rendezvous with an Aghori Sadhu: ‘Early next morning, my spouse came up with the idea to offer the ‘Jal’ at a Shivling since we were in Haridwar’. If you are looking for some mystery, this isn’t it. Manjula Om Bains writes about her chance encounter with an Aghori sadhu she met on a trip to Haridwar. She comes back wiser. 

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Wisdom from Swamiji

What’s in Your Wallet?: ‘Have you ever wondered what are you keeping in you? Are you the ever-moving stream or a crumbling tree?’ Your wallet can reveal a great deal about you, including the grudges you keep. Spiritual leader Om Swami shares a beautiful story to bring home the truth. Discover who you are! (Meanwhile, I have to buy a new wallet!)

Why do People Shout in Anger?: Truth be told, I did too.
The sage asked: Why should you raise your voice when the other person is just next to you?’ Why do we shout? Why am I so angry all the time? Find all the answers in this article by spiritual leader Om Swami. 

Up for a Challenge?

This Write Choice Challenge idea came from a community member. And it is OSME… awesome! You don’t have to be a skilled writer or a prolific one to win.

The Challenge: Pretty simple. Starting December 23 through 27, write at least one post every day about anything you want but original content. If you miss out on writing on any of the days, you are out.

What’s up for grabs? A chance to win $50 or any one virtual retreat (including Walk The Dragon), for a limited time.

Who wins? Three writers. This time, the community and the editorial team will pick three winners. I will start a thread in the QnA section on December 26, and everyone can suggest the names they think should win. On December 28 in the evening (5:00pm), we will collect those names and choose three winners. 

Don’t forget: Remember to use #TheWriteChoice in the tag line field (below the headline) of your blogs. 

Who can participate? members. Not a member yet? No problem. Make a free account now!

Dates to remember: #TheWriteChoice challenge starts Dec 23, 2021 (5:00am IST); ends Dec 27, 2021 (11:55pm IST). The winners will be announced in the weekly editorial later.

The decision of the team will be final. 

What works the best? The slice of life kinda blogs that people can relate to and learn. Keep it real! It’s not about the maximum number of posts, just one every day for five days through the challenge. 

Let the games begin! Good luck! 

Merry Christmas to you, dear family.  

Until next…