Today morning I saw two street dogs fighting over a dead dove. Such scenes ignite a spark of disgust in the minds of the delicate kind and fun for the others, naturally. A mutilated body of a dead dove and two hungry dogs. But a wonderful fact that hit me in the nick of the time, is enough to prove the beauty of one’s existence as human. The fact is that a sparrow is going to be a sparrow throughout its entire life and a dog a dog but I as a human being can be a sparrow or a dog or anything with my empathy and feel the same as they do. And at this moment I got into the forms of the dove and the dogs respectively. I felt the pain of the dove and the hunger of the dogs at the same time. As a result I couldn’t take the both seriously. The dove and the dogs are on the very way the nature holds for them. I was compelled to see things as they are and I found I was not able to take myself seriously too. 

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