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Parental Compassion

“I’ve always been a good parent and supported my children at every step,” a somewhat distressed parent said to me a few weeks back, “and yet, they don’t really respect me. They are struggling in their lives and tell me … Read more →

Compassion is Unreasonable

I often get asked what if you are compassionate towards someone but they don’t value it? What if they see your generosity as your weakness, should you still show compassion in that case? These are reasonable questions but that’s exactly … Read more →

A Word on Compassion

“Are you compassionate?”“Most of the time,” they answer.“Are you forgiving?”“Yes, most of the time,” they reply. This is the most common response to my two questions no matter whom I ask. To tell you the truth, when we are compassionate … Read more →

Being Compassionate

Why being compassionate is important? Almost in all walks of life, if your inner strength, your focus, your efforts can outlive the adversities, you can succeed at pretty much anything you set your mind to. A compassionate heart leads to … Read more →

Guru Purnima

Tomorrow is the day when the world over disciples celebrate the presence of their gurus in their lives. Like you have Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, tomorrow’s Guru Purnima (or Poornima), the Guru’s Day. We have been celebrating this in … Read more →

The Simple Truth

I am not sure how things were a hundred years ago or earlier but reading up on history and anthropology, you realize that more and more people lived in tightly knit communities. Even most families were joint families where brothers, … Read more →

The Big Decision

It’s perhaps the most important decision I’ve taken as far as is concerned. I called it my personal playground and built it with my sweat and blood over the last ten years. It wouldn’t be possible without the team … Read more →

The Gates of Shambhala

You are getting old. You are getting old. You, my friend, are getting old. No, it’s not a warning. Just a reminder; actually, maybe a confession. We are all getting old. Time to wake up. When I say “old”, while … Read more →

Building a Sense of Belonging

It was thirteen years ago, in the month of May, when I drove from London to Wales for a long-weekend getaway. It was a beautiful drive and a great change from the hustle-bustle of city life. In the preceding eight … Read more →

Meditation Journal

In his book, A Million Thoughts, and in this virtual retreat, Om Swami refers to a journal on meditation. You can download it below. Meditation Journal The focus of the Meditation Journal is to raise your self -awareness and help … Read more →

COVID-19 and A Beautiful Life

COVID-19 is the black swan of 2020. Given its unprecedented spread and effect, it may be the black swan of the century. In case you are wondering what I mean by “black swan”, I encourage you to read The Black … Read more →

The Secret of Great Communication

It’s one of those days. I am casting a vacant look at my blank screen as if some words will tumble out of it and write my post magically. As if I’ll just write “Peace. Swami” and not the more … Read more →

Neelam Om in her Own Words

I’ve realized that people all around the world are the same, different nationalities, color, caste religion don’t really matter. What matters is that how much kindness, compassion, and respect we share with each other. It makes life so liveable, so loveable. … Read more →

Life Guides

Sadhvi Vrinda Om was initiated into sannyasa by Om Swami in 2016. A graduate from Sophia College, Ajmer, and an MBA, she briefly worked for Thomas Cook but then the writing-bug bit her and she took to full-time writing. Her … Read more →

When Loss Hurts

What is the one thing that will be a great source of strength when dealing with your loss? How to find happiness after suffering a loss? What we perceive to be our greatest loss, is it really a loss? What … Read more →