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My Truth: Think for Yourself

Individual-Centric View - It's all about your happiness!

Nava Durga Sadhana

My experiences from a Navratri Sadhana taught by my spiritual friend Om Swami.


A friend or a foe?

We Are All Keynesians Now

The economic consequences of the Vietnam War almost shattered the US. It takes a...

My Relationship with Procrastination

You know what, I'll write about it later... haha

Luck by Chance

Sadhna Grace and Luck follows.....

Karma and Its Consequences

Every karma has it consequences...realizations strikes when we experience the results instantaneously!

Fooling the Mind to Positivity

A technique I have used to develop and retain a positive approach

A Personal Story in Anger Transformation

Swami Ji says anger is a form of energy. If we can direct that...

“कौन हो तुम..??

'अंतर्जगत की यात्रा के कुछ बिंदु'

[रौद्र रूप की शपथ]

सदियों से मैं खड़ा रहा, आज भी खड़ा हूँ-स्वार्थ का चौला उतार, आ मेरा...

Purr-fect Lesson from a Cat

Truth finds us in interesting ways, stay paws-itive!

Take a Break

Taking a break from routine is like adding salt to your cuisine

Why Do People Smoke ?

Don’t think of it as quitting. Think of it as gaining.

Coronavirus Lockdown: Mental Health of Teenagers

This was written by Anusha, my Daughter and it got featured on Times of...