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Q&A with Swamiji – 5

A Revision of Swamiji's Teachings

Avatar of hritvik chaturvedi
My Friendship Day

A special greeting card

Avatar of shalini pandey
The Chaos And Confusions…

Dilemmas ...seem never ending to lost souls...

Avatar of sweta acharya om
The Little Prince

The art of taming

Avatar of nandita basu
My Tiny Wings of Transformation

My experience of Guru Purnima Disciple Zoom Event

Avatar of chandrika shubham saini
Facing Life and Death

What would you want to remember on your deathbed?

Avatar of ria r

A poem.

Avatar of rishi sridhar
The Boring

Every activity has its 'dark side' the boring part. Lets explore that.

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Am I ‘Theist’ or ‘Atheist’ ?

You need not to be dressed as saint to show your devotion to God.

Avatar of hargun singh
Who is the one to talk?

Crimson, Comparison, Contentment. Him. All in a raindrop.

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Power of Thoughts!

Where science and spirituality collide

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