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Living in the present

There is no greater joy

It’s We Who Rise & It’s We...

You are your own creator.....Anonymous

I was waiting for you

I was waiting for you

Inner Stillness Brings Transformation

...Until then we are just seeds

The four pillars of the universe –...

See for yourself - it applies to everything - even the virtual world created...

The Guiding Light!

Your wisdom wells up my heart..

Meditation Motivation Poster

I made a poster to motivate myself and maybe it will help you too.

Perfect Piano Teacher

The way I started learning piano

Flight Or Fancy

A moment in time and pen to paper capturing the moment for eternity.......

Guru Purnima: Meaning and Significance

Guided by the Lord to the doorstep of enlightened beings

Lotus Feet

Swami, will you read it once more? :)

The Successful Failure

My attempts failed 21 times! But the 22nd time, I succeeded. This is what...

Towards Guru & God

The journey starts

Vaikuntha on the earth

A heavenly abode of Om Swami Ji 🙏