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Samadhi Through Golgappe

The most healthy ,reasonable Chatpat and easily available Mood lifter

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The Mahabharata — Part 7

Division 1: Adi Parva — Astika Parva #3

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Move On

To the one trying to move on

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Ornaments of Shri Hari…

Why there are so many sufferings in the life of Bhaktas of Shri Hari.

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Significance of Temple Worship

A scientific perspective of worshipping in temples.

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A Special Gratitude to Om Swami Ji and Os Community Members

A gratitude post for Swami ji and to my lovely os community

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When a relationship takes a U-turn

#Gurutoonschallenge: Let Go

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Have You Ever Been in a Situation Where You Found Yourself Helpless?

-A mother is a blessing, the most precious one of all. She is mother...

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I don’t care

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What If?

Answer the question and be free

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Those Little Eyes

You see? I mean do you really see?

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A Silent Prayer

I will wait, just one request please don't be too late...

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An Ode to the Guru

You have removed all the doubts within so that I can walk the path...

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Orpheus’s Venom

#GuruToons Challenge: Let Go

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