कैसा नाच रहा इंसान!
अपने मन की बात पढ़े न
पोथी – पोथी पढ़ विद्वान !
कैसा नाच रहा इंसान!

(The humans dance to the tune of Life like monkeys do on the instructions of a Madaari. 
They are not aware of how to read or comprehend even their own hearts.
And here they are, claiming to be Wise and Knower of the Truth reading scriptures after scriptures for ages.)

गूगल बाबा की गूगली से ,
दुनिया को हैं जान के बैठे |
खुद से खुद की प्रीत भुलाई ,
खुद को खुद से भूल हैं बैठे |
प्रश्नो की लहर बहे है,
उत्तर भीतर ही पड़े है|
निज मन में ब्रम्हांड बसाये,
यहाँ-वहाँ ढूंढें, अनजान!
कैसा नाच रहा इंसान!

(The entire knowledge of the world we claim to know is based on whatever we find on Google. We haven’t discovered our own Truth inside the deepest recess of our hearts. 
Having forgotten the “I”, the real and primordial Self inside us, we have forgotten how to love ourselves. How can we love something we don’t even know! When we say “I love Myself”, don’t we mean that we love this so and so person which we are, the identity of this body that we have taken up in this life? Do we even know who we are beyond the limited identity of this face? How can we love someone we don’t even know yet! 
We are caught up in the waves of questions crashing against the shore of consciousness, not realising that all the answers are inside us. Containing the entire universe within us we wander helter-skelter searching for it outside.) 

कस्तूरी कुण्डल बसाये ,
भटके बन-बन जोगी|
जो कहीं सच में जोग लगे तो,
भटकन कैसे होगी!
येशु-अल्लाह के भांजे सब,
कृष्ण की निकम्मी संतान–
अपने मन की टोह नहीं कोई,
वेद रटत यह भजे पुराण!
कैसा नाच रहा इंसान!

(The seeker of Truth, the Yogi, wanders from one forest to the other in search of his Kasturi, the Fragrance of his Truth.
But if the jog, the Union, has really been there, if he was really connected to the source inside him, how would there be any wandering! 
There is a deep secret in this. Wandering and Seeking are different. The more restless we are, the more away Truth will be from us. The moment we become still, everything we need comes to us right there.  
All the so-called nephews (and nieces) of Jesus and Allah and all the “Karm-Viheen” (One who has left his Karma or doesn’t understand the Karma-Yog) (Although Nikammi translates to useless but here it has been used as an adjective for someone who doesn’t work) children of the greatest Karm Yogi, Krishna….they don’t have the slightest idea about their Self/Heart/Soul (used interchangeably here. Singular, because by essence, we are One…we are Her) even after having memorising the Vedas and reciting the Puranas for eons.)