Is it okay to derive my own meanings from Devi’s sacred namaas🤔🤔🤔

My mind doesn’t know. But my heart is in complete acceptance. After all, all pauranik (granthas ) texts , are meant for seekers’ development. They help us grow.

Here am reminded of a story that helped me understood a very deep lesson.

एक बार गाँव के कूँऐं के पानी में से दुर्गन्ध आनी शुरू हो गई. लोगों ने कई बाल्टी पानी निकाल निकाल कर देखा लेकिन हर बार पानी दुर्गन्ध वाला ही था. सब परेशान क्या करें. कैसे इस दुर्गन्ध को दूर करें. कैसे पानी साफ़ करें???

तभी एक बुजुर्ग ने समझाया कि देखो कुए में नीचे एक मरी हुई बिल्ली पड़ी है. और तुम सब लगे हुए हो पानी साफ़ करने का सोचने. ये दुर्गन्ध आनी तब तक ख़त्म नहीं होगी जब तक आप उस तले में पड़ी मरी हुई बिल्ली को वहाँ से नहीं हटाते. बार बार पानी निकालते रहने और फैकते जाने से बास जा ही नहीं सकती, पानी साफ़ हो ही नहीं सकता.

Generally, we keep working /thinking at shallow level, without realising that its the source which needs our attention.

All my worldly efforts to cleanse myself have been shallow, somewhat like keep on spilling out the foul smelling water of well and not removing the source of foul smell, which is the dead cat lying at the bottom.

In fact, the new awareness is that am not at all capable of this deep cleansing. This is when I surrendered……

And then,

a year back, Divine accepted me in its fold of Lalita Sahastranamavali. Before this I simply didn’t know about any such text.
Now, while reading lalita sahastranamavali, daily my heart finds support in new ways for all my mental bla bla… Few days back I could feel peace gushing inside me after understanding the meaning of दण्ड नीतिस्था. That peace has brought me out of a very dark, prolonged spell of sadness, frustration and helplessness. And yesterday a new meaning of दा क्षा यिनी ,…….दक्ष यज्ञ विनाशिनी…. emerged for me. The big fat ego and ignorance of Daksh was destroyed by his own daughter. Right? So, now, Maa will take care of one modern daksh as well,and one day She, through the energy of a daughter, will cleanse all the old traits and give a new, balanced perspective to daksha to look at life.

My perspective may not go well with some, but this is how Universe is helping me. With every new reading, I find fresh meanings as per my need of hour.

When everything else stop working, it is then that the Divine play comes into picture. We, human mortals have no power to bring any change into others. Surrender to DIVINE s way of working works best in every situation.

At worldly level, I have stopped considering me capable of bringing improvement in any of the family situations. I keep doing my duties to the best of my abilities. And believe me, Universe is showering grace in abundance. Slowly my lost peaceful state is re emerging, even amidst very bad and sad situations. I have again started to enjoy bhajans and feeling blissful even during this ongoing pandemic and so on. Something inside me keep resonating that

A l l….. I s…. W e l l….😊😊
Nothing will go wrong….

So, it is okay na…. to derive my own meanings while chanting such divine names of Ma😊

Hari bol🌹🌹🌹

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