Ever thought why the mountains, the seas, the sky attract us? Why you escape to mountains to take a break, you escape to sea to feel refreshed, you look at the sky and sigh…

Because they are infinite….endless….
You are attracted to endless ..
You seek love and want it to be endless, you seek happiness and want it to be endless,whatever you seek you want it to be endless…

Because you are naturally not a limited being.. you want to be so much,you want to do so much, you want to get so much..
because “so much” “infinity” pulls you

The very nature of human existence lies in being “infinite” . Your ‘Limited’ version will always make you restless because you are a part of “infinity” . That is the ‘absolute’ nature , rest all is ‘relative’!

You will keep seeking till you reach your “infinity”
Till then nothing will satiate you!

– तिमाक्षी

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