Since childhood, my parents and grandparents used to say, “Body is a temple, don’t misuse or abuse it”. It is a simple, yet profound statement with deeper meaning. I guess, which I understand now, as theseΒ  words are true and more clearer. Therefore, I have started treating my body with love and respect and thereafter perspective towards everything has changed. If you talk to your body daily, it listens. So try to communicate for every difficult situation or illness, it will heal and reciprocate back during stress or crisis.Β 

Don’t clutter your body and mind. The first step is to inculcate discipline in your daily living and for that take baby steps. It will give you a positive reinforcement, as mind and body will start purifying. A person who finds that I am the One and my true identity is within, will treat his or her body as a temple, like we take care of our deity in Altar. Gentle reminder for a few learnings for a disciplined and happy life, to be done preferably in the morning πŸŒ….

1. Practice Gratitude.

2. Positive affirmations

3. Exercise/Yoga.

4. Pranayama/ Breathing excercises.

5. Meditation (Black lotus).

Hence, taking utmost care of our body is important, so that it paves the way for our spiritual growth. After all, healthy body and mind are true instruments to know our true self.Β 

My Gratitude to Gurudev Om Swami ji for everything.

Happy New year to my lovely OM SWAMIJI family…. Stay healthy and Stay blessed always.