15 lakh crore

This is not that 15 lakh crore, but a figure that is stuck in my mind for a long time now. I don’t know when but for a very long time I imagine as to what will I do with 15 Lakh crore if I get it. How I get it in itself is a fantasy. Now, this fantasy takes various shapes according to situations. I might sound childish and outright silly but I am going ahead with disclosing them so that we can learn something from them. From building a big vaccine manufacturing facility during covid to gifting a facility to my favourite politician to building a big spiritual empire and many more. Many times I have even written will to my family also. Here the contemplation would be as to how much to my family and how much to society and how much to each member and how much to which service.


Buying the best car

I already own a Creta, but again I have this fantasy as to buying the best car. I watch youtube videos comparing BMW’s to Jaguars and Range Rovers. Even after a few years, I have not shortlisted a dream car. I struggle to decide on the number of seating. 5 or 7 passengers. What if I buy 5 seater and my grandchildren grow and I want to travel with the whole family? When I cannot afford anything more than 10-15 lakhs that too not without a vehicle loan, why do I fantasise about cars that cost around 1 Crore?


The question is what purpose do these serve? There are many other such fantasies. How much time we are spending on such fantasies? Surely imagining has its own benefits, to foresee things that can happen and to perform well in those times we need them. But these fantasies when they cross a particular line it becomes just a waste of time. It also results in a false sense of doing. Thinking is not doing. Also, there is another ugly face to these fantasies. When we have an issue with a particular person say our employer. This employer is an extremely tormenting person. So before going to submit a file we would imagine all kind of eventualities that never happens. Like he is insulting us or he is firing us from job. Now although this is just an imagination this will become like a fantasy over a period of time. This will create a false confrontation with him and we will start hating him more. One day you will burst out and the poor guy would be thinking as to what did I do? This happens mostly with Mother in law and daughter in law, strict Father and child. This happens when we are afraid to open up against the other person.


These fantasies will result in a waste of time, will give a false impression about people and give us a false sense of doing. I always believe every so-called negative energy or thoughts are purely a survival skill. We need to be aware of them and weed out unnecessary ones. Being aware of them and working on them will help us achieve “Chitta Suddhi”.


What is your fantasy (Just the funny ones 🙂 and what have you learned from it? Please do share.