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Live life in a balanced manner. – a mantra i have heard so often. But then the life curve is never smooth and often we are faced with situations- problems that seem to be so over powering. And we find it easier to give in. Anxiety attacks- depression- the mind is always one step ahead. And very often a sensible thinking person also loses  his control. I am one person who excels in thinking the worst and then facing the consequences- insomnia- queasy stomach etc etc. I thought i would never get better and as life was not going to go the way i wanted, i was dispirited and low. Till my friend taught me this little trick- she told me- “don’t think you have to get through the day with this problem on your mind – just 1 hour at a time – keep yourself occupied. Just think you have to get through this hour – doing your daily chores or other work. Once the hour is finished and you still haven’t calmed down – tell your self another one hour of keeping busy and i will be better”.  

It actually works!!! By the end of 2-3 hours you have calmed down enough to make rational decisions and are able to think things through. I have actually lived – “I have to get through 30 mts – then I will think what I have to do.” Even 30 mts is sometimes enough to get you back on track. 
I have benefited greatly from this method and thought of sharing it- hoping it can help someone who tends to anxious and upset easily .


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