The perforation of tub converted air energy around to produce a 3D photocopy, an identical copy of object that touched the embossed penny sized bottom. As soon as the object was taken out it produced the replica by changing kinetic energy of air into potential energy of the object by creating thin layers which are joined together to get desired shape and size. The negative charge is generated in the tub which broke inert nitrogen gas molecules of the air to combust hydrogen gas and then rapidly combine with carbon dioxide to form a new compound nitrochyoxide which had a unique property to give the same physical properties like texture, color, shape etc. of the object removed from tub and its by-product nicra that sounds more like a name of cute girl than a chemical compound was utilized to give the desired chemical properties of the object from protein to choline. Not only the outer appearance like color, texture, size, shape but also the inner composition like albumen and egg yolk with each and every minute detail of original work was replicated in 3D photocopying with a light speed hence the  human eyes couldn’t grasp duplicating process.

Unaware of all these chemical reactions happening in the tub but fully aware of his financial problems which were raising their heads like a cobra after he lost his job in recession time as Senior Marketing Head in Kore Moto Corp., a leading company in Auto Sector. All his savings drained out slowly and gradually and he had to take loan to meet his family daily requirements. He was clenched in the strong jaws of not the poverty actually rather credit system of banks offering lucrative offers before taking loan thereafter forcing to pay high interest rates on loans which were almost impossible. In despair of non loan repayment he was disheartened. He came into present when he found there was no space left to place egg in the store. Everywhere in the store on the wooden box, in the huge drum, on the upside down stool, in between the radio knobs, on the pile of magazines and on the space between two bulbs and even on his child’s tricycle seat he had placed the tiny eggs. His head spin on the thought of standing in a huge nest filled with hundreds and hundreds of eggs. He was physically as well as mentally tired. He took a handful of them, walked in the open towards the kitchen, crossing not so big compound of his house. He asked half sadly half confusedly to his wife Nargis to roast them or to toast them.

Although he had a bath in the morning, however to remove dirt and grime that had accumulated on him during his new expedition in the store, he went into the bathroom. Till he cleaned himself, his obedient wife prepared the delicacy. She plated the unshelled boiled eggs on the lettuce leaves, garnished them with a small sized broccoli floret in the centre and finely cut zigzag edged tomato, looking more like a flower on the sides, above it she sprinkled some grinded black pepper and a mixture of canola oil and lemon juice on it to satisfy his eyes as well as his tongue. A good meal to calm appetite along with tensions!

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