My childhood and adult hood have been spent in nuclear families with my mom being the only female with me in our home  before marriage and my daughter after marriage! Ofcourse 3 to 4 female house helps use to visit us regularly for cleaning  mopping ,washing and chopping  ! With Covid 19 corresponding with my mother in law s chemotherapy and my own mom , my inlaws  my sister in law ( to take care of her mom) ,my college bound daughter 24×7 now home and an Attendant for medical chores of my mother in law aswell as myself first time with no house help aid and 9 people to cook for and wash utensils for ,it was a very thrilling, exciting, amazing and compromising situation! A complete test of mindfulness, sincerity,hardwork ,calmness and living in present moment with only careful words coming out of mouth and smiling emotions in face( was quiet tough to hide emotions) ! Each woman was expecting different food ( deep fried,  boiled ,different grains,  bland ,crispy or spicy) ,at different timings ( one s lunch time was other s time) ! Each was different size from 55 to 90 kgs ,different age from 20 to 73 ,different culture from u.p to Punjab and different habits ( some s purpose of life was tasty food and other s great figure)! How I managed these cute ,complaining, complicated women ,only Swamiji knows! I kept listening to his you tube discourses and washing utensils and cooking! It’s not that I never lost my patience or dint use harsh words or expressions but I realized it immediately and seeked forgiveness from co existent Fools! After all I was there Maaali ! And issi baat pe bjaaaao Taaali.