Achieving greater consciousness is the ultimate goal, right? But it’s not always easy to know how to do that. It doesn’t come by luck or chance. Consciousness comes from small things you can do every day to expand your awareness of your surroundings and yourself. These are some simple steps you can take right now that will help you become more conscious in big ways!


  1. Listen to binaural beats if you have trouble meditating on your own. Different frequencies are being played and shifting your brain waves, which may be scary at first but will later calm you down into a meditation state.)  You can either download applications or listen to music on YouTube to listen to binaural beats. To comment the music you in the proper mood and brain state if you use some nootropic supplements


  1. Don’t be scared of emotions; after all, they won’t last forever, but they will return until you figure out what you need to learn from them. Fighting the feeling gives it power since it draws attention to the problem and directs a lot of ‘fight or flight survival’ energy into it. You waste your energy by repressing it. You must rediscover the meaning of enjoyment in each moment and concentrate on the idea that whatever it has to offer at that time is something to be aware of and present for.


  1. Recognize the worthless things to which you’ve given importance. You’ll never discover it as long as it’s outside since you believe pleasure comes from obtaining a certain thing. Recognize that when you’re in control of your clothes, hair, home, relationship, etc., you’ve assigned a deeper, more personal meaning to it as some sort of representation of who you think you are and how you believe things should be going. You try to dominate rather than submitting to allow you to avoid seeing yourself clearly.


  1. Trust your little voice once, and it will develop into a powerful one. You’ll be so astonished by how powerful your subconscious is that you’ll automatically begin to cultivate it into a strong, resonating, deep, and underlying knowing rather than a little voice you suppress.


  1. Visit a different culture and learn about it. When you realize that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all measure of success, fortune, happiness, beauty, riches, or anything else you choose to label it, you’ll understand that your previous standards were merely mental.


  1. We love to believe we are good people who want to do good things. We often critique our actions depending on how we think others will perceive them. So, even if our motives are bad, we will convince ourselves that they are wonderful.


  1. Recognize your own humanity and be modest. It’s wonderful to be open and honest about your humanity. It’s how people come together. It’s difficult, to be honest about the sort of honesty that matters. However, you must recognize that the only reason it might be difficult is that humans are the only creatures on earth who do not want to be animals. We believe something is wrong with being flawed and imperfect, so we try to hide it and fix everything in order to be loved, only to discover that the most real love and acceptance come from being honest about our faults.


  1. Act with love (or, more accurately, assess how often you don’t.) Recognize the difference between the soul and the ego. Your core essence is one thing, while your connection with the “I” is another. The difference between how you view yourself and who and what you are, as opposed to your basic essence, does not require definition to exist. The ego will be jealous, self-preservation, and a desire to be superior, whereas the soul will act from love, compassion, and understanding. There’s a difference between your inner and external selves. The first step in recognizing it is becoming aware of the source of your ideas and objectives.