Jai Swamiji. Please accept my sastang pranam. I seek your blessings for Biswa’s birthday today. On this day, I would like to share something with my entire os.me family, that I want to tell to Biswa on this occasion. This is possibly the best birthday gift I could think of for him in this hard COVID time.

Biswa, I want to start by saying that you are one of the best people I know. While you are not the smoothest or most musically inclined persons, but overall, you are a very good human being.

I don’t think there are many people on earth who can get along with anyone. You, in my opinion, are an exception. While I struggle to find common ground with a lot of people to mix, you don’t have any problem in mixing with almost anyone: may it be the Vice President of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) or the Jarwas of the Andaman Island or may it be a stray dog on the street! I know you for over 18 years now and it is quite remarkable how you can get along so easily with literally anyone or anything like from Business Class flight travel to peak travelling hours of Mumbai Local 😉.

About children, you are quite honestly, one of the best Fathers. I still remember how you were worried about what kind of father you would be when we were expecting Sahil. But the moment you became Papa, you slipped into your new role with great enjoyment and ease. The way that you make time for the family is something I cherish in these busy days. You can easily beat Srikant Tiwari as the true Family Man 😊. While many women complain about their spouse not being around enough to spend quality time, I almost never had to.

You have a really good sense of humour who can bring a smile on the faces of many. You are a kid at heart and that is what makes you so lovable at your workplace, the testimony of which is borne by the affection showered by your team mates when you had the knee surgery back in 2019.

Finally, I can proudly say that you are one of the kindest persons I know with a taste for the finer things in life. I know this because you chose me as your wife 😉


To celebrate the special day, here are a few reasons why I love you.

1. I love your beautiful grey eyes.

2. I love you for making me feel safe.

3. I love you as you are kind, considerate and compassionate.

4. I love you because you have good coding skills.

5. I love that we complement and balance each other.

6. I love making memories with you.

7. I love to travel and spend time with you.

8. I love holding your beautiful and safe hands and take a walk with you.

9. I love that I can trust you.

10. I love to laugh with you.

11. I love cuddling with you.

12. I love that we are not of the same height 😉

13. I love watching movies with you.

14. I love when you gaze at me foolishly forgetting what you wanted to tell me 😉

15. I love that you are my other half.

To sum it all up, I am lucky to have you as my partner.

PS: I am not giving you any gift, because when I went birthday shopping for you, I ended up finding lot more gifts for me 😊😉.

Jai Shri Hari and thank you all for patiently reading the post. Pranam to all.

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