My sincere pranam to Our Beloved Guru ji , our saviour   Om Swami ji.   Today it is His Birth day , 30th November, which we are celebrating on this earth.. Today is the auspicious day .Ashram must be very much live now. Those who are in ashram must be feeling its fragrance. The Sri Hari temple, the garden, the Goshala, The library and the meditation hall , all will be dancing a little more like daffodils. Of course not to forget….the wind, the flowers, the soil, the clouds, the fog, the moon , the sun , the forest and above all  Giri Ganga…Ahh…. the full of energetic smile of Sadvi Brinda Om, the peaceful face of Shamta Maa .. they flashed in my eyes… You who are not in ashram right now and who are reading this must be feeling what  I feel.. I missed it this time. Though I booked earlier I had to cancel and again made the booking in December.

                                                                            So it is the celebration  of birthday of God. The Self realized soul who only wants to give , give and give  to this world.. I wonder what level of birthday we can celebrate… It is all His grace. The food, the cake, the flowers it is all His .we are just giving His things to Him.  When I am saying Happy Birth day Swami ji…. I am feeling conscious inside. You are always there. For me You are immortal. It is like a fairy tale.. You were roaming in the clouds with Narad muni and suddenly you felt that urge to come down to us, Narad Muni must have warned you and told  you not to come to us and let them suffer Prabhu because then that is their Karma.. But You the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent said to him that No Naarad ji I must go there for some days and save them from their wretched condition. And then you jumped from sky… You choose.. where to be born, what would be your name, where you will study , what you will study and for how many days you will be working etc..etc… You knew everything. You will be knowing everything.All is Your Leela.. Am I wrong Prabhu ji…?

                                                                                 Recently I completed reading The Rain Maker…Grateful to all your children who brought this book to us.. Vedanand Om swamiji, Sadvi ji, Biddu swami ji.. who elaborated the beautiful deeds You deed in Your time. Actually it is all Your Leela. The leelas of Sri Krishna, Sri Rama and all other incarnations and their leelas….I was wondering …how can things happen like this in this Kalyug? Have we really got our Krishna and Rama? Indeed..yes..  We got You. Hence the celebration of birth day… it is also Your Leela. But you are eternal Master. There will be no birthday and there will be no death day for you…. it is for us only.. Because without You life will be hell. So You decide do you want to keep us in hell? I am just a tiny sand, a crushed thing, a wretched thing, a mere human form.. , and it is reality.  When You say God resides in us it s very But we are not godly. Because God is always perfect. You are perfect. I am not. We are not. You are a living God walking in this earth now. I can feel. luckily. We are under your umbrella. This umbrella and Giri Gobardhan … are all similar. I am also insecure to say Happy Birth Day.. because it is reminding me that one more year is gone.  Ok.. You promise me that You will never go…Never ever…leave us and go….Promise me this.  I do  not want to lost in this crowd. I want to go to You. So many things to tell You, so many things to do for You.., So many things to learn from You.. sadhna,  samadhi, Nirvana   all things but most of all to serve You… Days are becoming less and less. I am getting weak day by day. I am getting old day by day. Because I am a mortal.. before death touches me I want to serve you. I want to see You Lord Vishnu… Please do not judge me and my bhav.  I told you , I am not perfect. B ut make me perfect.  Give me samadhi. I want to merge in You.. Promise me that.. It is Your Birth day.. I should give you gift but see how selfish we humans are.. today also i am demanding from You.. Difference between You and us…. You are everything to me. Without You i am nothing and i will be lost in the forest.  Live eternally with us, with me…Hold my hand forever. Promise me this.

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