I was a cute little fluffy stuff lying on the rack I saw a woman saying “see honey this will surely make him happy! “, she put me in the backseat of a car drove to her house, in the way I could see all the Greens and big buildings. It way all exciting. When she stop the car at her house and picked me with one hand, I said ” Ouch lady careful, that Hurts”.Then she took me in both her hands looked at me in the eyes and said ” Hey! You are here to make someone special really happy, so….. Give him your cute smile like the way you do, my little one will surely be happy, ” It was quit clear now that I have to make some child really happy, May be I could sing for him, but then I remember oh I can’t speak or make a sound , I always thought that someday there will be a person who could understand me, In our world our voices can’t reach humans but my elder says If u really find someone who loves you truly they can think what you are thinking, I don’t know if elders say is a theory or truth until I found that little one.The mother handed me to that child she was talking about , I found out he was really happy to have me as he gave a really big smile, I was happy too. We became best friends we use to sleep together, he’ll hug me tight every time he felt bad about about something and cry till hours I was there in his bad and good times I use to hug him back when he use to cry,we did all the deeds together he was a brother to me. we made some really great memories I thought I found that someone and elders were really right about the whole thing, but until one day came and made me known by the facts of human cruelty. I still remember I was all faded and dirty wounded up a little ,my hands were torn up a bit, I was there sitting on the couch watching that ,with the same old excitement mother entered the room put a wrapped gift on the table, and said “this will surely make him happy ” Then came to me picked me with one hand” I said ouch lady be careful that hurts.” Then next morning I was lying on the road all cold and chilly.I heard a few birds whispering knowing it all and I was crying on the street all alone wondering is he crying as well as I use to hug him back and cry with him in his bad
Now I know it all ,I know humans, I know no matter how precious you are u’ll be replaced!!!
Who am I ?
I am a broken warrior. Who is replaced now……. 


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