A christmas affair 2Christmas is the festival of joy, not just for the kids, but for adults alike. This Christmas was no different for me. As adults we might say that Christmas is the monopoly held by children, but do we actually believe that? We reminiscence about our childhood and the excitement of being under the Christmas tree. The feeling of warmth, upliftment, joy and empowerment when our family and friends make the effort to give us a present.

A christmas affair 3Even if you are having a hard time, take a little something for yourself this Christmas. Something children-like, a glowing statuette, a book of joy (no more self-help ones on this occasion) or anything that will lift your spirits and a card to go with. You are your best friend and if you can’t make yourself happy, how can you expect somebody else, be it your partner, friends, family or parents to give you the best gift?

A christmas affair 4Christmas is a jolly affair. Heaps of good wishes flood the internet and your Facebook timeline. This year was quite different. I could attribute it to the meditation sessions that I am doing. I feel empowered, confident, humble and happy in my own company. I was usually the one sending the wishes to all my friends. This time I didn’t. Hardly a handful of people thought about me and I am so grateful to them. As for the others, I am more than happy to give them the space they desperately wanted. A wish is a sign of good thought and beautiful sentiments.

A christmas affair 5On a joyful note, I and my loved ones connected more strongly during this Christmas. My handsome boys were looking everywhere for their gifts. The joy, the positivity that radiated from them and the absolute gratitude that overwhelmed my heart for Swami Ji cannot be emphasized enough. Swami Ji has empowered me in miraculous ways. His teachings and His watchful eyes, His ever-thoughtful advice, how am I even to ask more? You taught me to let go, to smile and to be good. You touched my head and are bringing down the veils of ignorance that have been clouding my judgment. I exist no more; I am an extension of your compassion. Whenever I want to write to you, it rains, when I speak to you, it rains. The sky opens its heart to pour your affection upon us.

I am attaching the link to Gungun’s video. The joy that he exudes when he received his toy is contagious. There is also a rare picture of Father Christmas!

YouTube video

Merry Christmas to All of My Beautiful Osme Family ❤️. 

🎄Jai Shri Hari🎄