Hello, Dear Ones! I just felt like coming up with an inspiring article when I finished my meditation. I had a nice homemade arabica coffee and the fragrance that permeated the house was incredible. My meditation was up by a notch. Be inspired!

Coffee or even café, term it the way you wish. Nothing beats the wakefulness when it is brewed slowly until the atmosphere is suffused with its strong appealing aroma. The simple, recognizable yet complex aroma invoke images of posh living, classiness and finest taste in our palates and a surge of energy to take up even the most undesirable tasks. 

Many of us meditate with fragrant humidifiers or incense sticks. Have you ever tried roasted coffee over a small candle? You will feel all your senses open up, receptive to meditation. Never say no until you have tried. There are days that require the fragrance of roses, marigolds or even camphor, yet when you enter a coffee shop, the immediate shift in our moods is worth noticing. 

Coffee is versatile in all areas. It accentuates any feeling tenfold. If you are feeling happy, the mere scent of a hot brewing cup of coffee relaxes your mind. if you are angry, the adrenaline it brings, fire you up more than you are. If you are feeling lazy, well you are lazier because you just had a cup of hot coffee on a rainy and gloomy day.

In-state anxiety and nervousness, coffee is proven to bring calmness.

Coffee, café…so simple yet so complex.

It has a variety of modulations around the recipes

With cream, milk or sugar.

Beaten, airy or silky smooth.

The options are limitless.

Coffee, café simple yet so complex

Rich, decadent yet down to earth.

Shift your habits from feeding on booster drinks from arbitrary commercials and grab a cup of coffee.

Who knows, your birthstone might be a mere coffee bean.

☕️Hari Om☕️