Your decisions determine who you are.
Every decision you make will build you up in a certain way and shake your life. You will become your decisions.
Man is a spiritual essence that evolves in a temporary material body. We don’t know if it was our decision or not, but it’s important to know who we are. Since we are in our final aspect spiritual beings, too many decisions that concern only the physical body and survival can only take us where we already are. But we, in the role of a spiritual being, can also strive for decisions that concern our eternal spiritual identity. Striving for the higher and the truth is always better than looking for solutions in everything. A decision can be a solution, but a solution can also be a decision. If you believe that decisions like developing spiritual practice, spiritual knowledge and spiritual awareness are positive then you are the best creator of your life. Because that’s what is most valuable, it never stops, and it never disappears.

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