One more failure.

But what do I lack?
To break free the old tendencies.

The cycle repeats,
Again and again.
Although, I desire change,
This time;
But I say this,
Every time.

Knowledge, I have gathered much,
And experience says, it’s useless.

Insanity is doing same,
and expecting different;
So what new should I,
Know this time?

Although all wisdom drains,
As those desires sprung by.

Mind runs in extremes.
In expression and suppression.
Sometimes for, sometimes against.
Middle path is the way,
Resolution is the way,
Awareness is the way,
Creativity is the way,
Meditation is the way,
Surrender is the way.

But to which way do you turn, Oh virtues?
When the war of old habits and vices lead the way.


P.s: Again just writing this to make the word limit reach 150 to post it. I think we should have less world limit for posting a poem as most of poems lie around 50-100 word count. 
Anyways, I’ll love to know your views on it and your lovely experiences too.

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