On my spiritual journey, I have been automatically developing a connection with nature and with animal kingdom. Many Synchronicities, I am noticing now a days. My mind recalls incidents of my strange encounters with the animal kingdom in my childhood and adolescent age and the lessons I learnt from those incidents. One such encounter was so special that i have written it in the form of story. Meenu, (myself) is the supporting character in this story while the lead character as the title of the story suggests is a smart Street dog 🐶. 

                   A Dog’s Navigator

Meenu, A 17 year old young school girl, was once riding her bicycle to her school, which was located at almost eight km from her home. After paddling the cycle for just about half km, she stopped at a shop to buy a pen. On restarting her ride, she noticed that a dog sitting outside the shop started to follow her. She tried to ignore but couldn’t after around one km ride. She was not that much frightened but infact, was astonished to notice that the dog was not even barking. Meenu fastened her paddling speed but the dog also picked a leopard’s speed somehow. It was main road and the smart hero was chasing her at the footpath. It stopped on Red light with Meenu and started running again at green signal confirming that it was chasing her. ” What’s happening? Is it my new lover? Is it feeling crush on me? What if other people are also noticing this? ” baffled and puzzled young shy girl was questioning in her mind😅😀 and soon she reached her school. As she entered the main gate and along with her, entered this brilliant dog which just moved on its own direction, leaving behind Meenu. It was when she realised that she was neither a crush nor a love at first sight for this hero😅 but she was just a navigator for him to reach the school and it was just chasing her due to that school uniform! Meenu felt a sense of relief😊


So what lessons I learnt from this story? 

Lesson one is that the universe is full of wonderfully brilliant creatures so stop over rating your own brilliance and secondly we should always avoid to judge others’ behaviour atleast when it’s not doing us any harm. Always take your time to analyse the situation and to make any conclusion.