IAS or Indian Administration Service — This is my dream. 

I belong to a very small place where even being a chaprasi (peon) in a government job is seen as a very big opportunity. I completed my B Tech in 2018. While in B Tech, I decided to be an IAS. I had two motives behind choosing to be an IAS. 

First, I want to serve my society by bringing positive changes in the life of people. I know I could do that while being in another job and contributing through some NGO or being an activist. But I didn’t feel this way I could make a significant impact on society. The brutal truth is that power is necessary not just to do something bad but also to do something good. 

My second reason was that I realized very early that I have just one life, and I’ve to use my full potential to explore it and do something that people don’t forget me easily. It’s not me, my legacy will be important. For that reason, I choose to prepare for UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) exam through which one can choose to become an IAS. 

But cracking this exam is really very tough, especially for a person like me who comes from a very humble background and doesn’t have any guidance from anyone. UPSC not just demands lots of hard work and mental ability to sustain immense pressure. It also demands lots of money and resources. Its books are a little expensive and coaching is too expensive. That’s why I see most people who become an IAS come from a rich and elite background. 

But I wasn’t going to give up on my dream because of this inequality. My humble background can’t stop me from fulfilling my dreams. So I decided first to prepare for SSC CGL. After clearing this exam, we are selected for Group-B posts in various ministries. For this exam, online resources are easily available and it’s comparatively easy to clear this exam. 

So, to be financially independent I postponed my dream of becoming an IAS. By Swamiji’s Grace, I cleared SSC CGL and got selected as an Auditor in the Ministry of Defence. I have shared about it here. But my struggles aren’t ending anytime soon. My joining hasn’t come yet and I’m still completely dependent on my father. 

My mother passed away last year, and now I live with only my father at home. So there’s lots of work at home — cooking, cleaning, etc. I used to find it difficult to get time to study. But I can’t run away from responsibility related to home and my father. It becomes very difficult to maintain the balance, but I’m just not ready to give up. 

I believe if I succeed in becoming an IAS. It’ll be not just for me but it will encourage thousands of aspirants like me who come from a rural and humble background. They’ll have an example so as to how our circumstances can’t decide our life and our future. 

I see many kind and generous people donate the amount they receive from os.me for very good causes. I might be morally wrong, but I decided that I’ll purchase books by that amount. It’ll not help others in the short term but I’ll make sure it’ll definitely help in the long term. 

I’ve immense faith in the Blessings of Swamiji, His words have always motivated me in the journey of life and will continue to do so.

I believe, one day I will definitely succeed.  I will achieve my dream. 🙏🙏