Continuing from the last part, here are ten more gems from ‘ Fistful of Wisdom’ by our eternal father.

1. Happiness is not a blessing but a skill. It’s not something we are born with but something we learn.

2. Practice. Persistence. Patience. If you work on these three self doubt will leave you forever 

3. If someone neglects your feelings and asks you to be strong instead, please know that that person is not the right one to share your feelings with.

4. Our weakness becomes our strength when we are honest with ourselves.

5.Compassion has the power to melt everything.

6. Do not cause yourself grief by brooding over other’s thoughts and opinions.

7. Obsessive care cripples love just like excesiexc water destroys plants.

8. Compassion does not require a reason or reward, only a desire, a discipline.

9. Whatever we learn to do, we learn by actually doing it.

10. It’s a precious life, do something priceless with it.

All Glories to Swamiji 💫❤


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