I was going to make this a Fiction series as many other brilliant authors have already written a lot about some amazing non-fictions. But due to the special request of Shalini ji, I will also be posting about some of my favorite non-fictions.

As everyone in the community must already know, Fistful of Wisdom is written by our Guru ji. But what some of you won’t know will be that it is one of those books that makes you feel like the author is sitting just beside you and talking to you. Advising you about various confusions you have in life and this is one such book. I used to read it during the time when I used to feel a little low and sad due to the new lockdown situation last year (by now we all are used to it :P) 

It is also the only book from which I have picked up more takeaways than any other book. Here are some of my most favorite ones-

  1.  It is about examining your reaction rather than acting on the first thought or the first feeling you get when the things go haywire.
  2.  Love flows without resentment, like water from a mountain, in the one who learns to love himself first.
  3. Gain control of yourself and your responsibilities. Free others to be who they are.In doing so, you will set yourself free.
  4. The greatest sign that you are one with the source is when you are comfortable is your own company.
  5. What you have inside is infinitely more important than what you don’t have outside, what you have within gives you perspective to see all that is without
  6. A life of dignity is your birthright. Don’t discount it.
  7. The quality of your breath, the basis of your life, does not deteriorate till the last moment.
  8. Nothing lasts forever, nothing is worth clinging on to. Live. Love. Laugh. Give while you can   
  9. Even the hard coconut can break in one blow. It does not mean it’s weak. It’s vulnerable.
  10. When you know how to resolve an inner conflict, external factors bother you less and less.

There were so many takeaways from this book that it will take me more than one post to cover them all.

Hope you felt as soothing as I felt after reading it. All Glories to Swamiji. 


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