There were some rains, and so there were some frogs around. The other day, while I was opening the door, a frog came hopping. I took care so that it did not come inside! These frogs have a tendency to come and settle in the corners near the doors. Often they get squished there. I have seen in the corners of some doors, they remain crushed to death!

Of all the open area outside, I wondered why they come and settle in the corner? I thought because the door corner offered them a sense of safety and security. Although more psychologically than really. It then reminded me of my own tendencies.

Have I not acted like these frogs in the past? Holding on to things or persons believing them to offer a sense of security, while oftentimes that was not the case. On the other hand, being crushed under the weight of obligations that it brings in its train. And draining me of my time and stealing me of my independence.

To overcome this frog-like tendency may be a far cry. But I pray to our Lord that He grant us the wisdom to discern which is the right corner to take shelter in, so that we don’t share the fate of those frogs in life!

Thank you for reading! 🙏

Image credit : Photo by Stephen Hocking on Unsplash