Buuuurrp! Buh-UUuurrp! Buur…BrruUUUUuuuUuuUp!

I was experiencing severe motion sickness as if I was travelling in a hilly area though I was sitting on a red asana in my prayer room. I was undergoing sever discomfort because of bloating, nausea, stomach ache and a mild sensation to vomit. Because of unceasing uneasiness, I forgot the mantra that I was chanting! It was not a long mantra or a difficult mantra. It contained just three words. I tried hard to recall the mantra but I failed. It occurred on my second day of my forty days Sadhana.

A few days earlier, I saw a video shared by our Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on social media about Ma Kalratri, the seventh form of the nine forms of Goddess Durga which is worshiped on the seventh day of Navratras. As depicted, Devi looked stunning in blue color and I was attracted to the color more than the form. I could not resist myself from worshiping a Goddess who mounts on a adorable donkey instead of a ferocious lion, fierce tiger, aggressive jackal or feral bull. She was irresistible!

“MA, I drop all the fruits of this Sadhana. Please help me in completing this Sadhana.” I visualized a dark complexioned Goddess with untied hair with left hands carrying hooked vajra, curved sword and right hands in abhyamudra and varadamudra riding on a gentle donkey and prayed, when I found it was almost impossible for me to sit further to complete my chanting. I opened my eyes, picked up my notes which were lying nearby and started reading the mantra from it. Nonstop burping distracted my attention from even reading a easy mantra. I could not focus. I could not peruse.

“MA, PLEASE HELP ME.” My heart cried aloud.

Once again, I gathered courage, put my index finger below the first word of mantra and read it aloud like a nursery kid. Moved my index finger below the second word and then the third. On that day, I completed my chanting like a child who was learning to read words by joining letters. Once again I became child. Once again I became innocent. The innocence of child erupted a fountain of warmth, love and bliss in me.

Although my burping problem continued throughout this Sadhana still Ma Kalratri was very kind and blessed me with her glimpse. One day in meditation I saw her wide open, big, fierce eyes just like they are depicted in her pictures. Afterall, She is also known as ‘Shubhankari’, one who blesses Her devotees with auspicious results.