First of all I pay my obeisance to Lotus Feet of Swami ji and family who became my inspiration to write. I also wanted to confess that my English vocabulary is not good. I’m not convent educated; rather I learnt alphabets at home from my elder sister and started English from class sixth. Reading posts at has enriched my vocabulary but I still have to learn a lot from all of you. I will start my post by telling you a small anecdote which I heard from my mother, who was a Punjabi teacher in a government primary school.I have received my primary education in her school and there was no English in syllabus …ok come back to story which I heard from my mother…it was about a Glow worm and Little cuckoo bird

One day a cuckoo bird becomes late for returning home and it fears how it will reach home .It was getting dark and she was unable to see so she prays to God for showing her path …and suddenly  a Glow worm appears before her eyes. Glow worms tell her not to worry. I am able to show u the path untill you reach there and in this way little cuckoo bird was able to find its way to home.

This story is related somewhere to my life story. Two years back just before lockdown I got a severe lung infection .I still remember the day I was diagnosed with asthma and I have to stay with my elder sister …

Reason why I had to stay with her,  I will share with you another story. I was in depression as I lost my job during lockdown …I was surrounded by negative thoughts as my life was never smooth …Roller coaster ride and miserable since my childhood. I had sleepless nights and sad days …I was praying every day that I don’t need this life, what I am doing in this world full of miseries? Why God has made this world ?

Are we God’s entertainment source by he enjoys engaging us in this play of life?

Big questions but no answers.One day me and my niece decided to change our routine and both of us decided to go for an evening walk . While walking we used to talk and share our thoughts .Soon we opened with each other and we also started sitting on the rooftop …thus became rooftop friends .

I used to be a religious person who used to visit Harimandir sahib daily many years ago and used listen spiritual discourses a lot.  Something happened and a blockage came in my spiritual journey and left me with guilt . It’s again another story .So, coming back to evening walk, my niece’s name is Anant Meera and I used to call her Meerabai or NANDBALA.

One day meera said to me masi we should move on spiritual path and keep on doing some spiritual practices everyday so that we must have Good karma account at the end of our life.It will help us in next birth also.On listening this something melted inside me to which  I said ok and we decided to listen any spiritual discourse or music during walk…we became regular in this .

One day a thought struck my mind.One of my friend Nishtha ji suggested a name Om Swami and I listened to discourse, appreciated it and then forgot .

So I start searching n you tube and I found Swamiji’s discourses …one after another and miracle happened …we used to discuss about Swamiji ‘s discourses .I found a change in my mind set .I still remember it was last week of December 2020 when I started listening to Swamiji and in the month of January while listening to Swamiji’s discourse about Surrender I was crying bitterly but with a peace in my mind .Then I came to know about BLACKLOTUS app and …It was again awesome experience …but for I needed money for subscription so I decided to request for free subscription . Request was accepted and provided free subscription for one year .

I am really grateful for this life-giving act by .I love as it’s the only platform where you are never judged …So coming back to Gloworm and cuckoo bird’s story …I was lost …I wanted to quit this life surrounded by darkness … Suddenly a divine Glow worm appeared as if telling me don’t worry I am here are not lonely I will show you the path to your real home …and this Glow worm filled my life with love and peace …night ends with meditation day begins with mindfulness …

Revered Swamiji is my divine Glow worm who is showing me path …sorry I used this metaphor for Swamiji …but he is my saviour …

Black lotus is my lifeline ❤️

Jai shree Hari 🙌

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