Earlier, I had written a post about the mountains and my admiration for them. However, I have been noticing something since the beginning of this month that saddens me immensely.

From my home there is a direct view to the mountains nearby which always stand magnificently and gracefully surrounding the city like a free treat to all saddened eyes and confused minds. I am sure a vacation to the mountains has refreshed many a souls in the forever past and nearby present. However, now for the first time in my city, I noticed heavy dull smoke, totally shrouding the mountains.

It’s so severe that the mountains though not even 3 miles away from my residence are invisible to the naked eyes. A first timer will not realize there are mountains around!

The population and the number of cars have increased so drastically over the last decade or so, that now it’s become a miserable punishment to the nature and the nature is pleading “Not guilty!” But are we listening? Forget the listening, seeing the lifestyle changes over the last few decades can we do something about it?

I wanted to plant trees but there is no land or very scarce land. All the land in the cities has been “conquered” by humanity it seems. At least we can take a vow to not pollute it. I have visited a lot of places in my state and nearby and unfortunately everywhere there is garbage all around. Even the smallest of remote village lands are replete with garbage and other pollutants .

In many places even the rivers and beautiful natural streams are paying a hard toll for no fault of theirs. The water bodies near my own city keep taking the burden of polythene packets of milk, chips etc. while there was a time they were so clean that people bathed in them. I don’t think people bathing in rivers can pollute them, however what is now happening to nature is certainly depreciating it on a full-blown scale and all over the nation and globally I suppose.

Even my small city is becoming another Delhi and that’s so bad. I want to do something. I have taken a vow to not pollute nature or exploit natural resources even in my dreams. I am sure nature has fixed a certain “quota” of air, water and food for everybody’s use and we should not waste and exploit it. And hopefully with the advent of electric cars and motors and other such developments something will happen for nature protection. Many other steps also have to be taken on individual and community level. And if it can taken to society or national level in towns and cities of India how wonderful that can be that hundred or perhaps thousand of people are participating on a drive to plant thousands and lacks of trees. But I don’t know how that is supposed to happen currently seeing the lack of land in cities and otherwise also.

Now I feel like, “wherever see some land plant a tree” but I cannot as generally they are private property. People have reported that sparrows don’t come as they used to, the temperature in summer has risen and there is no hope for basking under a tree on a winter sun because where are the trees? Humanity in strive for luxuries and “dream life and career” forgot the real bliss and luxuries of life and now its a havoc in nature as in lives is not an understatement in my firm opinion.

Villages in plains and hills are still somewhat immune in terms of deforestation. However, trees are still being cut down for selfish purposes and often illegally. I have myself witnessed this quite many times. But what we can do is, never miss an opportunity to plant a tree, not to misuse the water resources, respect the food we get from hard labor of farmers and do something for nature and environment in our power and capability as a community of concerned people.

How can we expect good relations and calm mindĀ  when the air is full of dullness and smoke? How can we remain vibrant when the air we breathe is not? Even the ‘force of life’ in all of us is bound to get dusty with such a mess.

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