Come dear friend, Death

Let’s have a tete e tete

With a warm handshake

A cup of tea, with

Biscuits and cake.

Pray, patiently hear me speak.

Life is such a dear friend

When hope dwells in our dreamy eyes

With bright sunshine days

Rainbows spread across the sky

Inky nights, twinkling Stars, and silvery moonlight.

Love ignites like a candle flame.

Why are you so scary?

I don’t understand,dear friend.

I know you will come one day,

With your lasso grip,and

Take me away in a harsh way.

Unexpectedly without even a knock!

Don’t be a foe dear ‘Death’

There is no animosity,Or

Resistance any which ways.

Come let’s shake hands and be friends.

Whenever you will come…

I’ll open the door with Love

Why this tug of war then ?

Come gently, come softly,come peacefully.

I will follow you like a little lamb

wherever you say.

Death, don’t be a terror, I plead

Let’s be friends instead.