I have been reading posts on the os.me platform for a while. As I still figure out a way forward, I wish to engage by writing my thoughts. These may not be a learning for anybody but only my way of sharing. I really appreciate this platform, I have been writing journals (very inconsistently) since childhood. I am an adult now, so says my birth documents. I am mostly jolly and happy as tagged by my friends. I wish to express my inner thoughts on an open platform and hence the disguise. I have immense respect for all the authors here, who share about their life journeys, their learnings and teachings openly. As I take a tiny step into the immense ocean of knowledge, bear with my naive scribbles.

I like spreading out positive vibes to people around me, I am very thoughtful of the words that I choose while speaking. My near and dear ones know that I do not appreciate cuss words or bad way of treating each other. In short I believe in respecting my peers and communicate my expectations to them when necessary. While the pop culture is to use extreme words to express your affection for your friends, I do not appreciate it much. I know this makes my friends believe that I follow idealism and many form a layer of filter before speaking to me. I am well aware of these and never have I felt the need to bend my beliefs to fit in and gather more friends. I make sure to bridge that sense of formality by giving out extra care and showing my affection towards them by my actions. I do not want my peers to distance them from me because of my beliefs as I do not distance myself from people who are polar opposite to me. I remember a friend telling me that running away and avoiding a person/act/situation does not help you solve the matter in hand. The only way is to go through it, face it and be there. 

I try to see the person underneath their habits, nature and character. In the process, while they might not take me as their best of friends, I love them dearly and stand by their side in every situation. Let me be clear that I do know how to distance myself from toxicity (learned the hard way) and try not to be rude to such people, I know they need even more compassion. My observation has been that people choose their friends based on habits more and heart less. Suppose a person indulges in alcohol a lot, s/he will be friends with people who like to drink alcohol than someone like me, who doesn’t even wanna try. I also agree that those who do not indulge in particular activities, want to steer clear of those who do (I believe they have a good reason to not go near them, as they fear that they will get dragged into the habits by peer pressure).

( If anybody finds this interesting, I will continue this in another post (let’s call it Part 2) as I am unable to finish writing at the moment.)