English is a global and wonderful language however, not mother tongue for most. WE are bound to make mistakes while speaking or writing. And with me, ESPECIALLY the grammatical mistakes! So many tenses, which one to use perfectly is quiet a task and when the task is to write, it becomes much more important.

But the problem is if we’ll try to write in Hindi, this task of writing will become ten times difficult ! There are so many words for which we don’t know what to call them in Hindi. So the situation for us or people like me is quite “LOL”.

In so many posts I have seen the credits given for editing the posts wonderfully. There are so many kind and beautiful people here. However, every time asking someone to proof read/edit, ONE may feel shy or may be don’t even ask thinking others may be VERY busy. What if there comes an option at os.me to proof read/edit our post on per post paid basis. It will be of great help for the one posting and can be an additional source of Income for the other one. Seems like a win win situation right 🙂

So below is my humble request/suggestion:

  1. Option for proof read/ EDIT the posts
  2. An additional column for any request like if one wants a particular phrase/para unedited in the post
  3. Payment on per post basis (depending on number of words etc. ) as the frequency of post varies person to person

There are two reasons for why I did not mailed this suggestion to the support/contact and posted here instead. First, I really want an honest opinion of all the people who do post/want to post on os.me. And I request YOU all to please respond in affirmative ONLY if you would like to have this option here and are willing to pay for it. Secondly, in case the team make it happen in future, all will know that it was US who requested for it and it was our need and not otherwise.

Also, there may be many technical and other aspects for making this option functional in a website of which we are not aware. So this is requested only if it is feasible.

Last but not the least, this post contains a hidden message from all of us to our Swamiji..our Guruji 🙏❤😊 You all will find it very easily since you have that in your hearts already! 

PS: Pardon me for any grammatical mistakes 😛 . Also, please don’t forget to give your honest opinion on the suggestion.