Apart from good days, I was little bit stressed from last few weeks regarding my life. Sometimes stress level was so high that lead to withdrawal of food. Even slept many sleepless nights. It was not understood to me why such moments had aroused and for what reason as I never experienced such situations in the past. Though today few changes took place and a new vision appeared which resulted in happiness and divinity.

God’s grace sent me on this earth via my parents , who gave me birth on this particular date(Today) which I celebrate as my born day. Well my emotions were neutral as mentioned earlier that from the last few weeks were bit stressed. Because of that I was not in that mood to accept any wishes, gifts or to do any meetings. But, one of my closest friend surprised me with cake and gifts at sharp 12 am. Though I was not ready for this , so it was very difficult for me to accept all that but for his beautiful efforts and happiness, I accepted that as God’s blessings.

Adding more, internally I was not ok and was not able to sleep till 3 am. Also Wished [planned] to visit Gurudwara Sahib at early morning but unfortunately it didn’t happen as I woke up at 8 am. The moment i woke up , tears started rolling down as my wish didn’t work. Well it was not a big situation to cry, it happened as a result of my unbalanced emotions.

After few minutes, i wiped off my tears and started cleaning room. Moreover after taking shower, first thought was to do prayer but unbalanced emotions were not allowing me to do so. All of a sudden, something happened inside which energised me to do prayer. During prayer, the moment i looked up into his (Swamiji) eyes, went into deep Bhaav (tears) and it continued for some time. Everything was coming out like complaints, gratitude and many more feelings came out. At the end, I felt so relaxed as my emotions were balanced to some extent.

Furthermore, I had my meal, after that I started receiving calls and reading birthday wishes. In those wishes, many of my students and well-wishers mentioned me as their mentor ,motivator and saviour. The word saviour boosted my self esteem and cleared my certain doubts about myself.

Suddenly, I felt a strong positivity inside me and I questioned myself about my stress. Oh, I got my answer as some of my close friends and family members, including me questioned in the past that what i was doing and what i earned in last ten years of my job (Assistant Professor or as a Psychologist).

Ohh Yes, I got to know, Well i didn’t earn much money, I do agree but With Swamiji’s blessings i have been earning an infinite love, care, respect and affection from many people for whom i am a reason to live. i have earned many spiritual blessings which cant be expressed in words. I have best wishes from all the people who received healing from Swamiji who is plotting me as a mediator for them. These people received abundant energy and strength. And today I received the same from these beautiful well-wishers.

Its well said by Swamiji in one of his post that “AGAR HUM PRAKRITI MEIN EK BEEJ DAALTE HAI, PRAKRITI USKA HAZAR GUNA DETI HAI” In english, ” If we plant a seed into soil (nature), it (nature)returns back by multiplying it with thousands.”

And today i experienced the same . (Kiya hua kabhi vayarth jaata nhi, Thaka jaata hai par ab ruka jaata nhi)

Swamiji, thank you so much for ur kind love and support.
As it is my first post to express something, request to the readers kindly forgive for my mistakes.