My beloved Mother,

First of all, let me wish you a very happy Mother’s day. I know that there is no need for a special day or time for me to express my love for you. Maybe there is no need at all for a verbal expression because you know me, don’t you? But still today I felt that I must express my feelings for you. How grateful I am to you for choosing to bring me into existence, for letting me know a small teeny-weeny part of you.

Maa, I don’t know what you look like…do you look like the pictures they have drawn of you? With beautiful eyes, benevolent glance, small nose, beautiful red lips, long black flowing hair? Do you have four hands? And are you riding a lion? I would so love to see your beautiful form, but I wonder if it’s much more than what these mortal eyes are capable of beholding.

Mother, sometimes I feel like you are so so vast, and I am but a tiny cell in your vast body. Everything, these mountains, rivers, valleys, trees, sky, is all but a part of you. All that I can see with this limited vision is just a fraction of your magnificent form. You are much much beyond this, you extend beyond this world into millions of stars and planets and galaxies….

Mother, I can imagine you smiling in amusement at the ignorance of your child. Maa, you can do so many things at a time, you have created everything with so much perfection. You have given a unique signature to every single creation of yours, be it a rock, a leaf, or a person. How do you bring this uniqueness into everything that you create? And you have a plan for each one of your creations, the plan is not known to us, only to you! Still, you see to it that everything goes perfectly according to your master plan. Not even a leaf can fall if you don’t will it.

Maa, this child of yours does not understand your plans, she can only marvel at your skill, the perfection with which you execute your plans. I know that a loving mother like you can only want the best for her children. So I am willing to do as your plans require it. 

Mother, there are times when I forget you. Sorry Maa, I am ashamed to say that. But how can I lie to you when you are All-knowing. Or Maa, is it just a trick on your part to keep me engaged and stop bothering you as you carry on with your multitudes of tasks? You have given me responsibilities to shoulder, and you have created so many distractions that sometimes I turn away from you. But after a while I miss you. I understand that you are busy Maa, you hear my call, still my call has to be longer, louder and persistent. Only then will You come…

Maa, love you forever…

With lots and lots and lots of love,