My Dearest…,

How are you doing over there??

M sure you are at much better place and looking after me & your loved once from up there…!

Today is the date when you suddenly left & that left us shocked and numb ..I will never forget that messege on my mobile which changed every thing in seconds…!

You know I had cooked sarson ka saag that day..& was thinking that when next time you  will drop in I will prepare it for you as you loved it…I ate my lunch without knowing that you have gone, & let me tell you that Saag dint taste that good..And I was wondering why..??? 

And then I got busy with my little chores..Did not check my phone for a long time ..As both of us were not so much of phone addict….& When I checked it finally every thing was over… I can’t explain that feeling….But that day I was thinking why did you not call…?? As after leaving playground it was your practice to call me and ask me that how I was…Then I thought you must be busy with your playmates ,but you were in my mind all the time….

Since that day not a single day is gone, when I did not cry and longed for you…

I keep on thinking what must have happened in your final moment…?

I came to know that you were having some conversation with others for match Point..And you collapsed..& gone.. they took you to the near by Hospital..But all in vain..!

For few days I was not in my senses, you may find it strange but I found this site and pouring my heart here…,

Today ,as it is one Month…Rama Didi had organised a Pooja for you in Vrindavan, with Havan, & food for poor kids, the young priest video called me and I witnessed the entire Process, you know even strangers  joined for ” Aahuti,”.. your photograph was there smiling… The Priest said that his Guru also joined  the Havan and offered Aahuti, which he rarely does..And said such a “Punyatma”  You are, they said there was not a single hurdle, and the atmosphere was filled with a strange feeling..It seems offerings were reaching you…All felt so calm and peaceful …..Even me…Was looking at you.. & was thinking you must be telling me ..” Silly Girl” ..! Don’t love me that much as you used to say always…!😊

I want to thank you for wonderful years of love and care my darling…I live in your memories and will continue to do so till I meet you again…Wait for me Mate…& Till then be at peace and Rest….You have worked so hard…Now rest & enjoy…!

I love you….!


Yours Forever…!💐💐😊






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