31st March, 2020

5:16 PM

Dear Sadhvi ji,

I recently read your book titled “A prayer That Never Fails”. And previously I had also read about your experiences in the book “Om Swami: As We Know Him”. I must say, you are damn honest and truthful. Reading your book not only encouraged me to be a better human being, but also motivated me to express myself fearlessly. It is not always easy to ooze your emotions out and express them boldly, least caring about being judged or being commented, especially when you are known to be a sannyasi in this world. After all, how can sannyasis possibly make blunders? They are expected to be perfect, isn’t it?

Most of them, even though not all of them, sometimes compromise with their own shortcomings and imperfections, just to create an ideal image in the minds of their devotees and seekers. But this is the first time I am reading the book of a renunciate, who does not really care about the crown that people have coronated her with.

I really love the way you have expressed about each and every shortcomings of yours, and the way you are dealing with it, one step at a time. And at the same time, you are helping so many people from all over the world. It takes real courage you know. And your writings taught me this. Perhaps this is the reason why Om Swami has revealed in the afterword, that you are the most honest person he has ever met, after his own father. And Swami ji himself is an epitome of truthfulness, compassion and honesty. So, if he has admitted it, than what can be more truthful than this?

First of all, thank you Sadhvi ji for writing this book. It really helped me deal with my imperfections compassionately, rather than loathing and chiding myself for being a mess. And trust me, I have stopped playing blame games – with others as well with myself. I have become sick hiding and seeking with myself all these years. Gosh! What a big ego I had before! I admit that I still have ego now, but it has somewhat mellowed down a little. Thanks to your book, which made me realize this.

Secondly, let me tell you that I have really fallen for your writings. I just love the way you express everything and everyone, every detailing of it. The way you use metaphors is just amazing. And what will I tell about your poems? I don’t have words to explain how wonderful they are. The love and devotion with which you weave those words, is reflected in your every rhyme, and is expressed in your every line.

Kindly keep writing more and more books on your experiences, your life in ashram and many more. I am  eagerly waiting for them. You are a guiding light for seekers like us, who have been ignorant all their life and are fumbling everyday in their self-made web of darkness. You inspire me because you don’t fake who you are. You inspire me because you are not afraid to be vulnerable while expressing your heart’s deepest emotions. You inspire me because you speak what is in your heart and mind. You inspire me for your genuineness. Thank you so much.

Yours sincerely,

P.S – Please keep posting more poems in your page “The Song Of The Sufi Masroof”, if possible. Or please publish a book solely containing a collection of all your poems. They are indeed soul-touching. It’s just a humble request I had in mind. I don’t know whether this tiny letter of mine will ever reach you or not.This platform right now is the only way I can express my gratitude to you. As you can see at the beginning of this post, I had written this letter months ago. But I didn’t have a medium to send it to you. I really thank Swami ji from the core of my heart for giving us an opportunity to share our thoughts here. I hope it will reach you someday.

Stay safe stay well. 🙂