My best friend Krishna,

Do I begin with introducing myself or should I let you figure it out with the list of your creatures in this universe;), the choice is your Krishna?

Well, now don’t raise that eyebrow just to give me that hint of me being a speck of dust, dare to give you choices! But aren’t you my Krishna, can I not be that liberal with you?

And, no, am not writing this to you, today, to ask for any wishes and no desires either… except for one, that I want to see you πŸ˜‰ However, I know I do not deserve it.

You are that creator, Aadi and Anant. The entire Brahmanda is your creation, you just tell me how are you even managing all of us, morons, on this planet. How do you even keep a track of my karmas that I perform endlessly… Some hurt you, some please you, and some tear you apart making you feel I will never understand you… But you never complained about me, although I do that for free every day!:)

You scripted my destiny and imprinted it within me and you sent me here… And here I am, creating nonsense all over again without any remorse, only to feel that “I” the maker of my destiny… I know you there smiling, and also know you are one who does edit my script at times just to reassure me that you are watching over me every second and not let me fall. Well, am happy in fact more than happy and grateful that you walking beside me always, unasked.

You narrated the entire Bhagavad Gita to our bro Arjuna, the most fortunate soul ever to take birth on this earth, who had Lord himself by his side. Your that narration remains unbeaten till today, giving all the answers to the questions arising in this restless mind. No human on this earth will ever/ever did come up with such a masterpiece!

You knew beforehand about our ignorance and capability of committing the worst of the crimes and the best of sacrifices.

How can you be so loving always, even when I break my promises made to you, eat that butter meant for you, ;), by the way, I’ve never seen you relishing it even when I offered it to you. Wasn’t it tasty enough or you found a tastier one elsewhere? :(.. But I will not stop offering it to you:).

You have given me enough life lessons, when will I even comprehend all that. Perhaps, am still apprehensive due to my ignorance and lack of understanding of my own self, no matter how many times you stressed upon the point of knowing oneself is knowing you!!!

Did I talk too much, Krishna?;), even If I did I know you’ll still not hate me or avoid me, how can you?, when I keep taking your name and not letting you forget me even for a moment! πŸ™‚

Please give me one last chance to know and experience you, through me. And then to know I am you and you are me!

Stay with me Krishna, you are my love now and always… Love you lots.

I’ll keep troubling you, stay tuned! πŸ™‚

A lost soul
From an unknown address