My father was a strict disciplinarian. And extremely punctual about everything in life. Even after I got married sitting hundreds of miles away I knew 1 o’clock I would find him on the lunch table  and 4.30 in the afternoon having his cup of tea. I was born when he was in his forties. I guess an afterthought. 🙂. I have a sister and brother 12 years older than me. My father had this habit that every afternoon he would read 1 page of Siri Guru Granth Saheb and then read the meanings. He had been doing it since he was 30 years old. And when we had our afternoon milk -tea he would explain the meanings to my mom and brother and me. I was in class. 5 when my sister got married and soon after that my brother shifted to Delhi to work. So the entire focus was on me. My mom used to love listening to him and would ask questions but in my mind I used to keep calculating- when will he finish so that I can go out to play. I never used listen to him . 
Time passed and I joined the University to do my masters. But this afternoon routine continued. And no excuse- I have to study – ever worked.  I got married and went to a totally different place. Different culture. It was a big shock to me and I started feeling depressed. My mom told me to start reading SGGS and to read the meanings so that it gave me peace and acceptance of my new situation. When I started reading I realized that I could understand it very easily. Unknowingly I had been absorbing what my father had been discussing and it had become so easy for me. It helped me at a time when no one else could. And I soon started enjoying reading it. Life got back on track.  I really wish parents today spend some time with their children telling them stories – Sakhis from their religion. Kids might not understand today but it stays in their subconscious and you never know when it can be life saving.

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