It was midnight in the winter of 2014, and I was scrolling through my Facebook. An article titled A monk’s take caught my attention. The article talked about a young monk, his material and spiritual success, and his book “If truth be Told”. Attracted by his Aura and A multi-million-dollar smile (just a metaphor, his smile is priceless), I had ordered the book right away. The book blew me away completely.

I was 23, young, care-free, and naughty then. My life revolved around my job, making money, wandering, and partying with friends. Spirituality or Saadhna was not in my head those days but being born bought up in a religious family where both of my parents are very spiritual, I too deeply cared a lot about religion, dharma, and respected saints.

2 years spend by and my love for Swamiji grew. His jokes made me laugh and his wisdom made me think. Late-night Netflix binging got replaced by his Youtube videos and lazy weekends by reading his books.

In 2017, Swamijee visited Delhi for the Tattvaloka book launch and I had his darshan for the first time.

In mid-2018, my late father was detected with advanced Kidney cancer. A couple of surgeries and war against cancer had created havoc in my life. I subsequently lost my old man to cancer by end of 2019. With divine grace, he suffered less considering the grave prognosis and extent of his disease. He passed away in his own house, with the song of his Ishta playing by his side.

Swamiji’s article on Loss of Loved One helped me a lot, lot during my loss. I really can’t express in words how much this pearl of wisdom has helped me. This article is like Bhagwad Geeta for me The very line “Parting from the loved ones is inevitable” struck a chord in a grieving heart.

In early 2020, He accepted both me and my mother as his disciple. The pain of the loss of my father was healed a bit when he called me “Beta”.

I attribute finding Love and Compassion of Swamijee as tapas of both my parents.

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