At night the river comes
gushing to my door
a primeval hum
tearing through the silent night

A part of me knows it well
it lives on in my consciousness
some days it’s louder
in a peaceful way

I hear it above the din of life
the magpies of thoughts too
fly away
till the river and I are all alone

Sitting by the warm night lamp
the heart knows the ancient song
of the waves
as they rush to meet the One they adore

To the chorus of their song
I match my pitch perfectly
putting away clothes of worldly chores
at the river Giri’s pebbled shores

Once I am free
free as the waves
to flow into the Universe
I find Him

A vast endless space
He has no shape
from my heart He springs
like a maddening scent from a rose

Oh how do I bind Him
my mind’s eye has lost Him
a zillion times
to the silliness of daytime

This love so pure
like the redness of a rose
the waves know everyday
And here I’m a stranger to their shore

O Lord please grant me the wisdom
of the river of life
let love like waves rise so high
that I may drown in You

A maddening rose
You are to me
a fragrance so pure
that one day I’ll surely lose my mind

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