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I am still on this beautiful journey of A million thoughts by Om Swami Ji. Just thought of dropping my favourites quotes from where I am in the book. These quotes have become my daily mantras and sharing them with you is my privilege. I have been wanting to finish the book and start ASAP with the rigorous methodology highlighted by our beloved Swami Ji, but there is so much to assimilate. 

I would encourage you to save the quotes. Click on the quote you like and download it to you phone. 

Let me tell you what I have learnt till now:

  • To be mindful at all times because our mind is too chanchal.
  • Thoughts are just thoughts, a flicker of minute electricity in our mind. Don’t give it too much importance, else it will dominate you.
  • Meditation is not to just sit and breathe. It is a rigorous process.
  • Ego is a major roadblock. Work on it as early as possible.
  • Meditation will help always in maintaining composure, so that we never break down.
  • Be selective about what goes in your mind. It is not a dump yard.
  • Meditation is the salt. It will enhance all the dishes in your life. It is not the only ingredient though, but it is a major one.

A million thoughts- indeed! 2 A million thoughts- indeed! 3 A million thoughts- indeed! 4 A million thoughts- indeed! 5 A million thoughts- indeed! 6 A million thoughts- indeed! 7 A million thoughts- indeed! 8

♥Jai Sri Hari♥

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