soviet concentration camps, they didn’t just want to kill – they wanted to give them a cruel death. Some great writers of world war era who experienced good and evil in the camps also concluded that the line between good and evil runs through every human heart. Everybody deep inside knows what is right.

Let us go ahead with that original idea. That deep inside our hearts we all are good and we know what is right and what is just. Just that we lose touch with the self to varying degrees. Evil psychopaths are so far from the truth that their worldview is 180 degrees opposite of the truth. So they come up with wierd ideas like “perception is reality”.

It is not a binary, rather it is a spectrum and people are at various places in the spectrum and our job is to pull ourselves and others to left. The leftmost is Sainthood and rightmost is Satanhood. I wish we could develop a metric which can measure where we are on the spectrum. Spiritual Quotient. It is probably a gaussian probability distribution.

Coming back to the original point. How do we conduct ourselves in such a world. We won’t be able to fight evil and cunning easily. Most likely we will lose. Because we are not capable of cruelty and don’t have it in our nature to hurt others. Evil people have practiced this their whole life. We need to awaken our inner psychopath but with good ends and intentions in mind. Perhaps that is what we can call good. So that you know one when you see one. Our intuitions can take us so far in the diagnosis. But what about the medicine ? What about knowing how to react ? You should be able to become evil and cruel yourself but you have it under voluntary control and will only deploy it when the situation demands. Imagine how hard it would have been for Arjuna to fire on Bhishma.

If your primitive brain is not very active and it gets over stimulated or shocked. You can get PTSD. It is basically our brains snake circuit always in alarm mode signalling that a predator is around you and it needs to be convinced that you are safe and nobody is out to destroy you. If you stay in this mode for long and have nothing to latch on to, you might fall into the underworld yourself. That is concluding that human beings have no moral worth whatsoever and all humans deserve to be dehumanized. That is what the satan ultimately wants. To recruit more people on their team.

Thanks for reading. I am new to spiritual practices. I have to repair myself. I currently turn on mantra chants and ask Godess to destroy my delusions and follow swamiji school of wisdom.