Adorable  Swami ji,

I feels that I am most unworthy  devotee of yours. I am a  ordinary  housemaker and mother  of two  kids. After  two years of covid restrictions, ashram  announced  open event in November. I was super excited, my husband  did all bookings.i was  very happy that I am going  to  ashram  on 14 January  2022 and finally  I would  meet  my Guru ji.But news of  spreading  of  omicron started coming  in mid December  2021,my heart sunk with  fear cancellation of event.i was doing back counting in  my mind( only  10day left )  and praying.But fear turned into reality ,my husband  called  from his office  and said that  your  ashram event is  cancelled  due to  third wave of covid.Again  waiting  started.Again ashram  announced  open event.To my dismay,dates of  event are clashing with festival of Holi.How can I go on  the day of festival.?Not at all  interested  in playing  holi but I  have to be at home for kids Cycle  of annual  exam ,pre board and board in March  and April  cannot  allow  to think of your  self. Again  period  of waiting  started.  Swami ji,your  presence  in my life has made my life peaceful .Just want to have darshan  of my Guru ‘s lotus feet.Am I asking  too much from  Mother Divine or am I not worthy  for  your  darshan?

Still  waiting ……


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