वो है नंदू 🤓
मेरा प्यारा बंधू 🤗
नंदू की बातें है गरीब 🤔
नंदू की दुनिया है अजीब 🙃
नंदू is God’s favorite Kid 😇
नंदू is my best Friend 👍
He is Class Monitor Chairman 🤴
He is Zoom Satsang Follower 👲
नंदू का favorite color hai Green 🌳
नंदू कि साईकल है Wonderful 🚲
नंदू knows how to use Android 🐵
नंदू does whatever his Likes 🐒
नंदू is very Sensitive 🐼
नंदू is still Tentitive 🐥
नंदू never forget his God 🕉️
नंदू never accept my Call ☎️
नंदू always Cheerful 🤹
नंदू always Wonderful 🤸
He is cute little Charmer ☺️
He is mini Miracal 🤗
नंदू is my favorite Student 🙂
नंदू will be always number One 🤠
नंदू always like to attend Satsang 🙏
नंदू always like to write Articles ✍️
He is very good Singer 🎶
He is very good Poet 🌞
Nandukutty you are my sweet Brother 🤗
please don’t be angry on me 😠
Please don’t be shining at me 😋
I know you are very Kind 👏
You are very Precious for me 🙌
Though you are very Senti 🤷
You are in my email List 🙋
I wish you Best Of Luck 👩‍🍳
I wish you Happy and Safe 🍫
Lots of Love and Regards to you ❤️❤️