Sastang Pranam at your lotus feet oh Swamiji.

Vinamra Pranam to all the divine souls of this extraordinary family. Today, I have come up with a question and seeking for the answer in your intellect. Please help me.

What is Life?

Can anybody tell me what is life?

Is it the running around day and night,

Or keep your schedule tight?

Is it in the process of regeneration,

And growing up child ?

Is it in investment in the stock market

Or is it in buying movie ticket?

Is it in the pains,

Or is it in the gains?

Is it defined as dedicating one’s life for others,

Or first loving oneself and then thinking about others?

Is it in love for the mankind

Or is it in remaining stable in strong wind?

Is it a thing to pick up naturally,

Or is it a thing to learn gradually?

Is death the end of it,

Or is it a cycle beyond human pursuit?

Is it in growing trees or chirping birds

Or is it in the karma and hardships?

Is it in the friendship,

Or is it in proving your point to be correct?

Is it in the marg of Bhakti,

Or is it in the argumentative Shakti?

Is it a force which thrives to make us human,

Or is it the force which forces us to save our religion?

Is it the pursuit for happiness

Or is it to get rid of sorrows?

Is life bound to the near and dear ones

Or does it have to overcome this maya dance?

Jay Shri Hari. Thank you all.