While lighting lamps on Diwali, I noticed if I pour a lot of oil in the diya(lamp), the wick gets drowned in it. On the other hand if I pour in too little, it won’t help at all. The key was to pour in the right amount of oil. And what is the right amount? Well, that depends on the size of the diya. I had a practical experience of Swamiji’s just right post. One more thing I noticed is the oil gets absorbed¬† by the wick slowly. When we light up the wick, the small blue flame comes first before the big bright flame.

Everything happens slowly and just the right quantity of everything gets the desired result. Rain drops slowly compound to form oceans. Thoughts slowly compound to form emotions/actions which determines our personality.

It can be a great lesson for us if we look at ourselves in the same way. Small steps of self-improvement can trigger great transformations in us. One small gesture of kindness, truthfulness can trigger a giant ripple effect.


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