You melt me.

As liquid gold
is absolved of its flaws
it flows
bubbles to a calm
until it becomes
sheer exquisiteness
an ornament
an offering befitting of You.

O amiable Lord
how You rid me of my impurities
they rise like water from the ocean
to join the clouds
dark and malevolent it pours
as I cower in fear
Your good-naturedness
fills this slacking soul with cheer.

Not a day goes by
when my heart doesn’t melt
at the deep sound of your voice
the depth of your teachings
never cease to amaze
while wandering through
unknown places alone
it’s your thoughts that keep me going.

You’ve always been the tipping point
the edge of the cliff
from where once I’ve rolled down
there’s nothing more left
but to join my hands
bow my head
as my eyes widen to witness
your divinity at work.

So many times I’ve failed
and You’ve hailed me
as a great conqueror pardons
his deserted men
neither a harsh word or a slight
all is forgiven
as a pup who knows not
what she has done.

Often, your glories I’ve sung
in muted tones
lest the world misunderstood
the words of a child
to be the expressions of a mad-woman
In You O supremely kind and gentle God
I’ve found true forgiveness
and unconditional love.

In bowing to you
the burden of my misdeeds
I’ve placed at your lotus feet
as You free me
of all worldly shackles
one day You will surely
set my soul
into the heart of your sky
the whole universe obeys You
and so do I.

Until the day
this tiny heart
and grimy mind
melt into You
I pray this lifetime
be a prayer unto You…

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