This writing and experience is not mine which you are about to read. It’s my Masi’s ( mom’s sister who lives in Kolkata ) She holds a special place in my heart as she is young at heart and probably one of the few who is still living with us on this planet….. Rest all including ….. my parents, my in laws, my darling hubby are partying away in heaven. So Masi is here with us representing the generations gone by. She keeps us grounded and bonded with our roots. She shared her thoughts on her recent experience with Corona which I am further sharing with you all today. She is around 80 years old. An experience so deep and profound and so Real. I just felt it was worth sharing.
My sincere prayers also go out to all the family members who have lost their loved ones to this deadly virus. May God give them all the strength, love and support they need from time to time to over come this loss. It’s so sad as so many are grieving for their loved ones.
Her experience……
Quote, “Aum
My Corona Journey holding hands with Krishna from 11Mar 21 to 31Mar 21.
March month of 2021 I shall remember for ever. My servant had gone on leave and returned on the 10th. I was suppose to go for my vacin with my son Namit on the 11th. Strangely, on the 10 night I was trembling with fever and was not well. I told Namit I can’t go for the vacin. In the evening my Corona test was done.
I got my report the next day and it was positive. I was shocked but calm. Family members thought hospital will be the best treatment because of my age. They asked me to pack and get ready to go to the hospital. My heart was throbbing, body was trembling, mind was not working. Mixed feelings were there. I took my Gita, toilet bag and one pair of cloths and my Bhagwanji . This was thee packing.
At 2.30pm ambulance came to pick me. I phoned my daughter also who lives in Bombay. My grand daughters also phoned me. I was touched with that. While going on the wheel chair from home and saying bye to them I was feeling will I come back or not at home ? Down they put me on a sitting stretcher. I went alone. No one could come down also with me. I told them not to come with me. God gave me the strength. The ride in the ambulance was the worst I have ever had in any car. It was like taking a dead body.
I was alone experiencing a new journey. Removed all jewellery at home, gave all keys to Vaishali, left home and family behind and reached hospital at 4pm. First I was taken in a general room on the ground floor. Blood test were done and monitoring went on too. I signed all papers. I was not allowed to take anything with me in the room accept mobile phone and charger.
They took me on the 6th floor room no 622 at night. All was ok. I felt my Krishna was with me all along. HE was taking care of me and I felt strong. I was not feeling lonely or scared in that pin drop silence also. All the knowledge of vedanta really helped during such times. Such that we are not body, one has come alone and will go alone. Nothing or nobody is going to come with you. I experienced all these things then. Here, mobile phone was allowed uptill now but then even this mobile will go. I started spending my time listening to satsungs and started painting on my phone. That gave me so much of joy. I stayed in solitude and did not miss home n family because I had something with me giving me joy and strength all the time. I had no murti or anything with me but His presence was always felt.
Good wishes and love kept pouring from all family. We can feel the love and care more during such times, though all were far but not far at all. After 11 days got over I was in the ambulance again. All welcomed me at home with love and comfort. To stay in your own house in a room with the door shut was also an experience and felt how people in olden days must have felt who were treated with TB.
God teaches us to be humble and live happily in whichever way you are put into, good or bad. Please make my faith more and more stronger. And if I do wrong punish me but be with me and make me strong to be on the path and may not be attracted by material wealth of the world. And let me know what work I have to do for which I came back from Corona which has shaken the whole world.
I shall go when you come to pick me. I thankyou my lord for everything very very much.
Love love love my Lord. You are mine and I am yours. ” Unquote.
She brought tears in my eyes. This is dedicated to all who have gone thru this trauma and are going thru it. The entire world can relate with you. Hold onto Krishna for hope and strength and stay safe. May God be with all of us. 🧘 JSH