In summer holidays Me and my sister was at my Nani ‘s house. It was a fine day with winds blowing and clouds all over the sky . We both were chit ‐ chatting with our cousins in a room. Then suddenly one of them changed the topic to something scary. My sister expressing herself that she feels scared by looking at the doll kept in one side of the room. I added that I hated that doll. It was a beautiful doll with blue eyes and pink dress. Just then my cousin showed up with that doll and started hitting it and threw it out of the room, suddenly the light goes off and we all got scared and in fear we all rushed out of the room to my mother. It felt like it was real and some evil spirit was around us. But mum soothed us and told us that there is no one, so don’t be so scared, everything is alright. We all were relieved off by the calming words of mum and started playing again.It was a scary but still a funny incident for me.


Keep Smiling


Editing credit ‐Gaarvi Saini