Today, when I was chanting, I realized that I was in a midst of an imagination, I gently brought back my awareness to the mantra I was chanting. After the chanting was over, suddenly a tune came to my mind and I realized that at the time of chanting, I was actually thinking that how would I like to see the vision of Lord( please do not laugh 😂), now, this is so hilarious as I have just started the journey but I guess that’s how mind is, it always desires, cooks up,  and imagine, but since the thought was about supreme, I let my mind run and it came up with this bhajan. So here it is😊


Bhajan Link :


Lyrics and English translation:

Ya to de de Bhakti mujhko,

O’ Lord, please grant me the pure devotion in my heart,

Ya tu de de ana naam,

O’Lord, at least fill my heart with your divine name.

Ya to tere ras mein doonboon,

O’ Lord, please let me enjoy the bliss of your presence within,

Ya rattoon tujhe subah shaam,

or let me be immersed in your divine remembrance all day, all night,

Kaun sa tera dhaam hai woh,

Why people talk about a special abode of yours?

Tu to kan- kan mein saman,

when you are equally present everywhere,

Dena hai to de woh darshan,

If you ever give me vision,

tujhko dekhoon gab mein Jaan,

Let me behold your form everywhere in all , Let me see you in everyone ,

Kaun sa woh raas khelaa,

Why people always talk about a specific bliss of yours?

yeh jag to tera raas bhaan ,

when this entire world comes out of your blissful awareness alone,

Dena hai to ras de mujhko,

Stop giving these momentary bliss, if you want to give,

Bhaas ho har pal samaan,

Please let me be absorbed in your eternal bliss forever.


Jai Shree Hari 🙏🙏🙏

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