A sky full of stars 

A walk in the garden

The warmth of winter sun 

The cool breeze on summer

Dew drops in the lips

Or first few notes of Clematis

The joy of simple things

Is what makes life worth living.

       I was 5 years or so when my granny passed away. Me and my sister loved her company as both of my parents were working she used to take care of us when we were small kids. I remember her singing lullaby to me on my return from playschool and she would also narrate some stories ( none of which I remember now).

       Life used to be so simple back then there was no technology ( although there was T.V and Nokia cellphone),no big buildings. There used to be so many trees and gardens. Kids were not busy with their video games but we’re actually playing and making new friends. 

       But time changes and we’re never gonna return to the good old days. But what we can do is to simplify our lives and find awe and joy in simple things of life.

         As I am writing this I remember Winnie the pooh that’s been my favourite cartoon since long time . There’s a lot of wisdom in that simple cartoon of the hundred acres wood. ( There was a quote of Piglet that popped up in gratitude meditation of black lotus and I was almost dancing in my head to see that in b.l.). More about pooh bear in some other post because that silly bear can teach us all a lot of things.But one thing to take away from Winnie the pooh would be surely to find joy in simple things.

       So you ask how to simplify life?  Well it’s very easy and you don’t have to buy candles or flowers or run to jungle to live and appreciate the beauty of simple life (running to jungle seems a good idea to me 🤔). 

1. Simplify your Space:  Hygge or minimalism you know best what works for you. Thing to keep in mind is: KEEP WHAT YOU NEED. Declutter with Joshua  Becker with these practical tips. And remember to ask yourself before purchasing anything “Do I really need it absolutely?” and “Can I borrow it instead of buying?” ( Like those dresses for special occasion which you are only gonna wear one time). Many a times you will find that these are just mindless purchase ( so wait for atleast a month before getting that product).

2. Simplify your food and pantry: Many productive people including our beloved Swamiji eat same kind of food everyday.That doesn’t mean you have to do the same (if you can do that it’s great though) but just try to simplify your food. Try to include more local produce to your pantry and growing your own vegetables is a fabulous idea.(You can start by growing fresh herbs in your kitchen)

3.Simplify your To-do list: Simplify your routine and focus on what are the things that really needed to figured out that particular day. Like rather than watching Netflix you can meditate or spend time with family or learn a new hobby.

4. Spend time with yourself: Let it be for only 10 minutes but sit with yourself. You can meditate, play an instrument, paint a picture or just look at the stars. The point here is to enjoy your own company.( Like Mr. Bean)

5. Be grateful: Be grateful for everything that this beautiful life has bought you. And don’t forget to sing along with Julie Andrew My favourite things

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens

Brown paper packages tied up with strings

These are a few of my favorite things”

6.Be mindful: Be mindful of every passing moment and be mindful of the fact that all this is gonna end one day. All my possessions, family,home,my body one day this all is gonna come to a full stop. 

“My life is like a flower. I was sowed at some point in time;I become a bud,was born and bloomed like a flower.It doesn’t matter how much I protect myself,how fragrant I am ,how alive I maybe- one day I am going to wither away”


Okay that’s all for now. And please add what you do to live a more simpler and grounded life.

As always thanks for reading. Happy Sunday

Jay Shri Radhe Shyam

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